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Monday, February 17, 2014

Vaccine Delivery - Records for Life

see at: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Records for Life contest, an initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, challenged the global community to re-design the child health record in order to better meet the needs of providers and caregivers, with a focus on immunization information. More than 300 teams from 41 countries proposed ideas. Many of these designs suggested ways to make records clearer for parents, more flexible for health workers, and more durable.
Ten finalists were reviewed by Melinda Gates, Co-Chair, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization; Anthony Lake, Executive Director, United Nations Children’s Fund; Walt Orenstein, Associate Director, Emory University Vaccine Center and former Director of the United States Immunization Program; Robert Fabricant, Vice President of Creative, Frog Design; and Jocelyn Wyatt Co-Lead and Executive Director, Based on their final selection, the winners were announced at the international Interaction Design Association Conference in Amsterdam on February 8, 2014.
Grand Prize: Project Pasteur - David ODonnell, Elena Valentine, Andrew Bates, Arielle Deana, Tiffany Huang, Amy Guterman and Nick Maschinski on behalf of gravitytank
Honorable mention:
* A Record for Life: Amanda Buck, Sally Maier, Chen Yu, and Nate Gulledge on behalf of Maryland Institute College of Art
* The Picture of Health: Trip O'Dell and Umberto Fusco
* Visuals Save Lives: Rafael Vivas on behalf of VISUALIZAMOS
Retroactive Data Entry Award: A Color for Life – Claire Doussard
Visualization of Data Award: VacciNation - Sarah Sykes and Yian Ling Cheong
Here are the 10 finalists:

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): Lisa Scharoun, The University of Canberra
Project Title: Child Health and Vaccination Information System
Description: The design uses symbols, color coding and wearable reminders to inform parents and healthworkers of vaccination status. It incorporates a double sided health card with detachable bracelets and a hanging pouch to protect the card.

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): Rafael Vivas, Nati Rodriguez, Lucia Arnaud, Quique Ciria, Alvaro Ortiz, Fernando Casado, Nadia Revelo and Javier Arnaiz on behalf of VISUALIZAMOS
Description: We have worked in a design of a child health record that is simple, clear, complete, educational, resistant, functional, pretty, broadly applicable and, specially, that can contribute to save children lives.

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): Robert Vela, The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Project Title: EZ Immunization Form
Description: To redesign a child's vaccination record with an emphasis on easy interpretation and use for the family, while still containing important medical information and ease of use for medical professionals. I provided incentive to continue on vaccination schedule as well as a quick guide for easy reference for families. Research included developing stakeholder personas, icon development, information design, color research, material research, and problem identification.

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): Ross Donnan and Ben Sanders
Project Title: A record that saves lives - Creating a durable and engaging health record
Description: We focused making it easier for both the health worker and mother to use the record, saving time and improving accuracy. Relevant illustration was used to engage the parent, providing valuable health information and encouraging the parent to keep the record safe for future immunization visits. A polymer paper that could still be written on was used to also ensure the record was kept safe. Local languages were also incorporated to assist understanding in areas where literacy is an issue.

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): Trip O’Dell and Umberto Fusco
Project Title: The Picture of Health
Description: To transform the child health record, a normally sterile and impersonal artifact, into a highly durable object that is uniquely valuable to families, optimizes information design for health workers and, enables governmental agencies to ingest information digitally. Physical Prototype is en-route.

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): Amanda Buck, Sally Maier, Chen Yu and Nate Gulledge on behalf of Maryland Institute College of Art
Project Title: A Record for Life
Description: Our proposal is a clear, adaptable, durable, and valuable solution for both health workers and caregivers. The form simplifies record keeping and allows for easy reproduction and digitization, adding scalability and redundancy in the medical data system. Our geographic focus is India s developing regions, however, we believe the solution could be applied successfully on a global scale.

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): Sarah Sykes and Yian Ling Cheong on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University
Project Title: VacciNation
Description: Our system utilizes physical components (a booklet and a map) with a digital system (a website and a mobile application) that educates mothers, clarify the documentation process for care providers and help national surveyors to be more efficient.

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): Claire Doussard
Project Title: A Color for A Life
Description: The proposed design is a combination of existing health record cards best features. However, the specific use of color contrasts between red, white and black facilitates the future digitalization of the child health data, improving global access to health data for a given geographical area.

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): Caroline Brown, Beatriz Vizcaino, Lina Gonzalez, and John Payne,on behalf of Moment 
Project Title: Family Health Map
Description: The Family Health Map works as a bridge between two existing child health record systems in Ghana. We propose an improved design for the vaccination record contained in Ghana's Child Health Record and suggestions for connecting MOTECH mobile phone system records to the information recorded in the booklet. We recommend printing the Immunization Chart or full booklet on Yupo Synthetic Paper which is resistant to water and oil.

Name(s) & Organization (if applicable): David ODonnell, Elena Valentine, Andrew Bates, Nick Maschinski, Arielle Deane, Tiffany Huang and Amy Guterman on behalf of gravitytank 
Project Title: Project Pasteur
Description: Pasteur is an integrated system of vaccination records and health education tools that supports the needs of both caregivers and health workers. It includes a simple, legible record that functions differently in the home and during vaccinations and a distinctly separate, primarily illustrative set of health education cards.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.